toyota-c-hr with Modellista body kit

Toyota C-HR Gets An Aerodynamic Sports Kit by Modellista

Toyota C-HR Gets An Aerodynamic Sports Kit by Modellista

Modellista has released a new aero body kit for the Toyota C-HR making it look like a racing machine from a family car. The new kit: Boost Impulse Style Kit is made up of inserts, so you won’t be needed to remove your front bumper just adding extra aero elements. With this kit there an additional V-Shaped grille and a bolder mash for the bottom one. Boost Impulse Style Kit has has a rear side skirt that 68mm lower and adds fake exhaust tips with the real ones hiding under the bumper.

toyota-c-hr with Modellista body kit

Toyota-c-hr with Modellista body kit

Another kit called Elegant Ice Style, doesn’t come with the crazy grille, this kit has more brushed alluvium trim pieces for the door handles, mirrors and side sills. This kit also comes with a twin 100x50mm mufflers.

To top it off, for both the Elegant Ice Style kit & Boost Impulse Style Kit, comes with a 19-inch five-spoke wheels and LED accent lights for the front spoiler and door mirrors. Inside buyers can order accent lighting for their rear luggage compartment and around the driver’s cockpit area such as the gear shifter and foot well.

At the back Modellista didn’t forget about adding spoilers, in fact they added two, one above on the roof and one below the wiper.

With the video below we are are you would be able to get a clear picture of the two racing kits Modellista would be able to offer.

For now, the Modellista aerodynamic kits can only be ordered from Japan directly and local car workshops will be bringing in for sure. The Toyota C-HR is already a masterpiece by Toyota itself and will be a diamond in the streets in Singapore. With this kit it will definitely be a head-turner, “What car is that?” This kits boost the crossover’s styling dynamics and brings it to the next level of aggression.

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How to Correctly Determine Your Car’s Fuel Consumption

If you have ever followed the owner’s manual on your vehicle’s fuel consumption you will certainly be disappointed. Car manufacturers derive their fuel consumption by placing their cars on treadmills which run at a constant speed, which is far from the truth. City traffic’s slowing down and acceleration is one of the main cause of fuel wastage due to the constant braking and sudden acceleration. So how do you really determine your car’s fuel consumption?

There are two methods to correctly determine your car’s fuel consumption. For a start, fill up your tank till the nozzle freezes. Don’t add any more petrol in order to keep things constant. Reset your mileage counter and start driving. Drive for about 100km and head back to refuel. Again fill up your tank till the nozzle cuts out and divide the kilometres by the amount of petrol added to find your fuel consumption.

This first method is useful assuming that your driving habit is constant not just for that 100km. For a more exact gauge of FC, drive till your backup tank light lights up then top up your petrol. Again divide your findings and you should be able to find the average litres per kilometre you are raking up.

Cars are getting more fuel efficient due to the advance in technology and more euro 5 cars are getting better fuel efficiency. Of course, engine size has a direct correlation to your fuel consumption so if you are always stuck in traffic or in a country like Singapore, having a low capacity engine is more than sufficient while having high fuel efficiency. Having a small engine doesn’t also mean no power, there are more engines that are fitted with turbochargers such as the Toyota C-HR which can propel your car from 0-100km/h in 9.5 with 122 horsepower. This pick up speed is decent by any means considering it is a High rider/SUV. In fact, the Toyota C-HR is slated to have a fuel efficiency of 5L/100KM. One of the highest for any categories of cars which is a reason why the C-HR is slated to be a heavy hitter in the SUV category for both 2016 and 2017. Want to find out more about how you can be one of the first owners of the Toyota C-HR? do contact us here.

Car COE outlook for 2016

At the start of 2016, analyst as well as forecasters for numerous car dealers has expected the COE prices for 2016 to drop significantly. This is due to the large amount of cars getting deregistered from the year 2006. In addition, the prices of COE has also followed the trend for the last two decades, with the prices of COE in 2006 going as low as $7000 for a category A car, using the older system which went by the capacity of your engines.

The prices of COE has indeed dropped quite a bit, from its peak at about $80000 to the price of about $46000 for a category A car. However, despite the significant amount of cars deregistered, the price doesn’t seem to be going down, why is that so?

The government in 2016 decided to initiate a car free environment, with various steps to reduce its’ carbon footprint, it might not be apparent but it feels like the government is slowly reducing the COE quotas, this is in addition to the increase of car park charges across Singapore’s public car parks as well as private car parks.

The other reason is because of car sharing/ taxi services such as grab and Uber. With cheap rental prices for cars, people are seeing a lesser need to own a car but instead rent a car to get about their lives. This way, individuals won’t have to deal with monthly maintenance and the yearly depreciation of cars which can cost $7000 minimally per year.

Outlook for upcoming months

Although the prices for COE has dropped quite significantly, there is an increasing amount of car owners that decided to extend their car’s life by 5 years. You can do this by paying half of the current COE’s prices. However do note that after that 5 years you won’t be able to get back any of OMV value. This situation has caused lesser deregistration which also means the new COE quota will be reduced proportionately. For the next three months, there will be a decrease of about 10% for new COEs across the board.

With the decrease of COE supplies, the prices should see a steady increase in the upcoming months. It may not be that noticeable and car dealers will probably maintain its car prices in order to entice potential car owners.

Should I continue to wait for prices to drop

It is highly unlikely that prices of COEs will drop to prices of 2006 of about $10000, as such, the prices are likely to maintain at this price for a couple of years to come. In fact, with the different initiatives the government is gunning for to make Singapore a carbon free city, it is likely that owning a car in the future might be even more difficult than it is now.


What car should i Buy with the lookout so grim?

With the prices of car expected to hover around the 90k-130k for majority of manufactures. It is important to choose the perfect car for your need. There are many exceptional cars that will be released end of year so it will be important to keep a watchful eye for the latest model car. Newer car models also tend to have a better resell market due to the demand in the future.


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What We Know About The Toyota C-HR

Toyota’s iteration of a sporty updated do it all SUV will be hitting Singapore’s Shores in late 2016 early 2017. Not much is known about the vehicle but we managed to get first dips in receiving the showroom model in the 3rd quarter of 2016. From what we know, there will only be about 7 showroom models but we are going to fly that exclusive piece while sources tell us that other competitors will be shipping it in which means you get to see the model in advance.

Power and Fuel consumption

The Toyota C-HR will come with 3 different models to suit the varying needs of our customers. The 1.2L Turbo with 133bhp which will be suitable for Cat A cars. A 1.4L Diesel engine model and lastly a 2.0L hybrid model. All three has sufficient power and excellent fuel consumption for the busy roads of Singapore.

Coupe or 4 doors?

The Toyota C-HR might look like a 2 door coupe, but it is a cleverly disguised 5 door vehicle in actual fact. The two rear door handles are cleverly disguised and flushed with the exterior design to give it a flushed and sleek look which will definitely appeal to the younger generation.


Because of its SUV nature, the C-HR is likely to be very spacious which will fit 5 persons comfortably. The rear seats will also be able to be folded down for more boot space which will fit bicycles easily.

The instrument console is driver centered and will include an 8 inch media display which connectivity includes Bluetooth, AUX and CD players. The steering wheel will also have several controls inbuilt for easy access. The car also features a keyless start stop button which is usually unheard of in this price point

Where is it made in?

This might be an important answer to you if you are looking for reliability and exclusivity. Sources has told us that it is made in turkey but this might be subjected to change especially if this model is going to be catered for the south east Asia market.

The car will be available in Singapore end 2016 to early 2017 and we will definitely be getting our hands on a few pieces for a few lucky individuals. if you would like to know exactly when and where you can purchase the car, be sure to sign up with our mailing list so we can contact you!

What Are Singaporeans’ criteria when choosing a car?

With the prices of cars getting more and more expensive, it is important to carefully evaluate what your criteria are before plunging 100,000+ into a car that can only last you 10 years. Remember that cars in Singapore is always a depreciation and it is all the more important to tick all the boxes you have in mind. Most Singaporeans when choosing a car will definitely think about these aspects and hopefully this will help you to identify which is important to you.

Fuel economy

Fuel economy is extremely important in Singapore because of the high petrol cost. One litre of petrol will easily cost you $1.80 after rebates and discounts which means one full tank will cost you about $80 taking account. If you have to top up your tank every week this means your monthly expenditure on petrol alone will be about $320 per month. People who has fuel efficient cars though won’t ever experience the same thing. I’m talking about cars that can do 16km/l -18km/l such as Honda Vezel and even the upcoming Toyota C-HR. I have had many experiences of people commenting that they only need to top up their vehicles about 2-3 times a month which means saving $80 a month.

Cabin Space

Cabin space is definitely a key factor when purchasing a car. You want a car that you can do long distance in comfortably and also hold your luggage or groceries from a shopping trip. Again most compact cars will barely suffice but the preferred car type will definitely be SUVs MPVs such as the Toyota C-HR or Toyota Wish. Most MPVs and SUVs now have the option to fold the rear seats as well for more space for luggage or even delivering goods!


With more and more vehicles becoming sub 2 litres or even 1.4litres. It is really surprising how much power that can come with such low capacity vehicles up to even 100bhp and above. Decide for yourself if you really need a 2 litre car for city living or a 1.2 litre engine. Remember that lower capacity vehicles also tend to sip petrol conservatively compared to it’s bigger brother.


Remember that your car is going to stick with you for a couple of years. This means the parts of car is likely to be subjected to wear and tear and will need replacement. It is always wise to purchase brands that have a large following in Singapore because replacement parts will always be cheaper and faster to service. Such car brands include Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda to name a few. European brands also tend to have more expensive parts and servicing so do factor this into your cost.


Price is definitely the largest factor when choosing a car. We don’t only have to pay a large sum for the car itself but also road tax, insurance and COE. Japanese cars in this case tend to offer a more affordable pricing for a decent performing car while European cars tend to be more pricey.

The Toyata C-HR is set to come out in early 2017 and will definitely be a hot seller just based on it’s looks and potential price. To be the first few proud owners of this beautiful car, be sure to sign up here and receive first hand notification when it hits our Singaporean shores.

Why Toyota C-HR is the perfect car for all ages

In Singapore, most car owners are looking for 5 things in a do it all car. Sufficient power but still able to hit the Cat A for COE, Sufficient space for a family for 5 and groceries, modern and sleek looks, fuel efficient vehicle and lastly the price. Surprisingly Toyota C-HR has hit all those ticks way beyond what it should for its price.

Toyota C-HR also stands for Coupe-High rider but don’t let that name fool you, it is still a 5 door car and draws its design from the ever so popular Honda Vezel for the rear two doors. This means you wont have to fork out extra cash for a 2 door but still retains that same sleek look. However, don’t mistake the Toyota C-HR for the Honda Vezel, its a totally different machine with better improved engine and interior.

We really love the Toyota C-HR because it really speaks to new couples or couples looking to start a family. Because it is also a SUV, it is extremely comfortable for long getaways to our friendly neighbour malaysia. Its boot space and rear folding seats also ensure that it will be able to fit all the luggage you ever need. There are also plans to have an optional Thule rack available if you are an avid biker.

Just going by looks and we are already certain that this upcoming model is going to be a hot seller. So hot that we are bringing in a record number C-HR compared to other models such as Honda Vezel. Toyota C-HR is looking to be a stunner and we are pretty sure that stocks will be snatched up within a few weeks of launch. We are also one of the few companies which will have a showroom model for viewing.

Models being brought in

We will likely be bringing in the 1.2 litres, 1.4 litres diesel and also the 2 litre hybrid models. Stay tuned for more information on pricing. If you would like to be the first to know when it comes out, do take a look at our subscription page. it ensures that you get a notification the moment it releases and it’s totally free!

Pricing For Toyota C-HR forecasted for SG

toyota C-HR Singapore

Toyota C-HR was slated to be the most anticipated SUV/ Crossover for late 2016/2017. It checked the boxes for many people, great fuel efficiency, excellent styling, gorgeous interior and overall a promise to be priced well. The C-HR will hit Singapore’s shores this coming Dec 16 / early 2017 and there will definitely be  mad rush to get the limited quantity. But what do we know about the pricing?

The Toyota C-HR is already in the UK and prices gives us a rough sensing on how much the car will be priced in Singapore. Toyota faces tough rivals from the likes of Honda’s Vezel as well as Nissan’s Qashdai and the prices are within in the region of 10,000. However, with the release of new models. We expect the Toyota to be on par if not much better performing with the above said models.

Toyota C-HR is priced from 20,995 pounds for the base model while in comparison the HRV is going for 17,995 pounds. Contrasting to Singapore where the last 2nd COE bidding for august ended at $52,503. We expect the C-HR to cost lower than the Honda HRV at about $107,000 in order to compete with the price of Honda Vezel at $104,000 for the base 1.5litre model.

The newly launched car might be more costlier but we reckon it is due to the more advanced technology coming from the turbo engine, power transmission and Toyota Safety Sense. which will likely result in better fuel consumption.

Overall the C-HR will definitely cost a stir in Singapore with the already over population of Honda Vezel and Qashdai. If you would like to subscribe and find out the moment it reaches Singapore, do signup at our subscriber list at our homepage. Don’t worry, we don’t bite and we only send you Toyota-CHR related News and happenings.