How to Correctly Determine Your Car’s Fuel Consumption

If you have ever followed the owner’s manual on your vehicle’s fuel consumption you will certainly be disappointed. Car manufacturers derive their fuel consumption by placing their cars on treadmills which run at a constant speed, which is far from the truth. City traffic’s slowing down and acceleration is one of the main cause of fuel wastage due to the constant braking and sudden acceleration. So how do you really determine your car’s fuel consumption?

There are two methods to correctly determine your car’s fuel consumption. For a start, fill up your tank till the nozzle freezes. Don’t add any more petrol in order to keep things constant. Reset your mileage counter and start driving. Drive for about 100km and head back to refuel. Again fill up your tank till the nozzle cuts out and divide the kilometres by the amount of petrol added to find your fuel consumption.

This first method is useful assuming that your driving habit is constant not just for that 100km. For a more exact gauge of FC, drive till your backup tank light lights up then top up your petrol. Again divide your findings and you should be able to find the average litres per kilometre you are raking up.

Cars are getting more fuel efficient due to the advance in technology and more euro 5 cars are getting better fuel efficiency. Of course, engine size has a direct correlation to your fuel consumption so if you are always stuck in traffic or in a country like Singapore, having a low capacity engine is more than sufficient while having high fuel efficiency. Having a small engine doesn’t also mean no power, there are more engines that are fitted with turbochargers such as the Toyota C-HR which can propel your car from 0-100km/h in 9.5 with 122 horsepower. This pick up speed is decent by any means considering it is a High rider/SUV. In fact, the Toyota C-HR is slated to have a fuel efficiency of 5L/100KM. One of the highest for any categories of cars which is a reason why the C-HR is slated to be a heavy hitter in the SUV category for both 2016 and 2017. Want to find out more about how you can be one of the first owners of the Toyota C-HR? do contact us here.

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