Pricing For Toyota C-HR forecasted for SG

toyota C-HR Singapore

Toyota C-HR was slated to be the most anticipated SUV/ Crossover for late 2016/2017. It checked the boxes for many people, great fuel efficiency, excellent styling, gorgeous interior and overall a promise to be priced well. The C-HR will hit Singapore’s shores this coming Dec 16 / early 2017 and there will definitely be  mad rush to get the limited quantity. But what do we know about the pricing?

The Toyota C-HR is already in the UK and prices gives us a rough sensing on how much the car will be priced in Singapore. Toyota faces tough rivals from the likes of Honda’s Vezel as well as Nissan’s Qashdai and the prices are within in the region of 10,000. However, with the release of new models. We expect the Toyota to be on par if not much better performing with the above said models.

Toyota C-HR is priced from 20,995 pounds for the base model while in comparison the HRV is going for 17,995 pounds. Contrasting to Singapore where the last 2nd COE bidding for august ended at $52,503. We expect the C-HR to cost lower than the Honda HRV at about $107,000 in order to compete with the price of Honda Vezel at $104,000 for the base 1.5litre model.

The newly launched car might be more costlier but we reckon it is due to the more advanced technology coming from the turbo engine, power transmission and Toyota Safety Sense. which will likely result in better fuel consumption.

Overall the C-HR will definitely cost a stir in Singapore with the already over population of Honda Vezel and Qashdai. If you would like to subscribe and find out the moment it reaches Singapore, do signup at our subscriber list at our homepage. Don’t worry, we don’t bite and we only send you Toyota-CHR related News and happenings.

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