toyota-c-hr with Modellista body kit

Toyota C-HR Gets An Aerodynamic Sports Kit by Modellista

Toyota C-HR Gets An Aerodynamic Sports Kit by Modellista

Modellista has released a new aero body kit for the Toyota C-HR making it look like a racing machine from a family car. The new kit: Boost Impulse Style Kit is made up of inserts, so you won’t be needed to remove your front bumper just adding extra aero elements. With this kit there an additional V-Shaped grille and a bolder mash for the bottom one. Boost Impulse Style Kit has has a rear side skirt that 68mm lower and adds fake exhaust tips with the real ones hiding under the bumper.

toyota-c-hr with Modellista body kit

Toyota-c-hr with Modellista body kit

Another kit called Elegant Ice Style, doesn’t come with the crazy grille, this kit has more brushed alluvium trim pieces for the door handles, mirrors and side sills. This kit also comes with a twin 100x50mm mufflers.

To top it off, for both the Elegant Ice Style kit & Boost Impulse Style Kit, comes with a 19-inch five-spoke wheels and LED accent lights for the front spoiler and door mirrors. Inside buyers can order accent lighting for their rear luggage compartment and around the driver’s cockpit area such as the gear shifter and foot well.

At the back Modellista didn’t forget about adding spoilers, in fact they added two, one above on the roof and one below the wiper.

With the video below we are are you would be able to get a clear picture of the two racing kits Modellista would be able to offer.

For now, the Modellista aerodynamic kits can only be ordered from Japan directly and local car workshops will be bringing in for sure. The Toyota C-HR is already a masterpiece by Toyota itself and will be a diamond in the streets in Singapore. With this kit it will definitely be a head-turner, “What car is that?” This kits boost the crossover’s styling dynamics and brings it to the next level of aggression.

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