What Are Singaporeans’ criteria when choosing a car?

With the prices of cars getting more and more expensive, it is important to carefully evaluate what your criteria are before plunging 100,000+ into a car that can only last you 10 years. Remember that cars in Singapore is always a depreciation and it is all the more important to tick all the boxes you have in mind. Most Singaporeans when choosing a car will definitely think about these aspects and hopefully this will help you to identify which is important to you.

Fuel economy

Fuel economy is extremely important in Singapore because of the high petrol cost. One litre of petrol will easily cost you $1.80 after rebates and discounts which means one full tank will cost you about $80 taking account. If you have to top up your tank every week this means your monthly expenditure on petrol alone will be about $320 per month. People who has fuel efficient cars though won’t ever experience the same thing. I’m talking about cars that can do 16km/l -18km/l such as Honda Vezel and even the upcoming Toyota C-HR. I have had many experiences of people commenting that they only need to top up their vehicles about 2-3 times a month which means saving $80 a month.

Cabin Space

Cabin space is definitely a key factor when purchasing a car. You want a car that you can do long distance in comfortably and also hold your luggage or groceries from a shopping trip. Again most compact cars will barely suffice but the preferred car type will definitely be SUVs MPVs such as the Toyota C-HR or Toyota Wish. Most MPVs and SUVs now have the option to fold the rear seats as well for more space for luggage or even delivering goods!


With more and more vehicles becoming sub 2 litres or even 1.4litres. It is really surprising how much power that can come with such low capacity vehicles up to even 100bhp and above. Decide for yourself if you really need a 2 litre car for city living or a 1.2 litre engine. Remember that lower capacity vehicles also tend to sip petrol conservatively compared to it’s bigger brother.


Remember that your car is going to stick with you for a couple of years. This means the parts of car is likely to be subjected to wear and tear and will need replacement. It is always wise to purchase brands that have a large following in Singapore because replacement parts will always be cheaper and faster to service. Such car brands include Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda to name a few. European brands also tend to have more expensive parts and servicing so do factor this into your cost.


Price is definitely the largest factor when choosing a car. We don’t only have to pay a large sum for the car itself but also road tax, insurance and COE. Japanese cars in this case tend to offer a more affordable pricing for a decent performing car while European cars tend to be more pricey.

The Toyata C-HR is set to come out in early 2017 and will definitely be a hot seller just based on it’s looks and potential price. To be the first few proud owners of this beautiful car, be sure to sign up here and receive first hand notification when it hits our Singaporean shores.

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