What We Know About The Toyota C-HR

Toyota’s iteration of a sporty updated do it all SUV will be hitting Singapore’s Shores in late 2016 early 2017. Not much is known about the vehicle but we managed to get first dips in receiving the showroom model in the 3rd quarter of 2016. From what we know, there will only be about 7 showroom models but we are going to fly that exclusive piece while sources tell us that other competitors will be shipping it in which means you get to see the model in advance.

Power and Fuel consumption

The Toyota C-HR will come with 3 different models to suit the varying needs of our customers. The 1.2L Turbo with 133bhp which will be suitable for Cat A cars. A 1.4L Diesel engine model and lastly a 2.0L hybrid model. All three has sufficient power and excellent fuel consumption for the busy roads of Singapore.

Coupe or 4 doors?

The Toyota C-HR might look like a 2 door coupe, but it is a cleverly disguised 5 door vehicle in actual fact. The two rear door handles are cleverly disguised and flushed with the exterior design to give it a flushed and sleek look which will definitely appeal to the younger generation.


Because of its SUV nature, the C-HR is likely to be very spacious which will fit 5 persons comfortably. The rear seats will also be able to be folded down for more boot space which will fit bicycles easily.

The instrument console is driver centered and will include an 8 inch media display which connectivity includes Bluetooth, AUX and CD players. The steering wheel will also have several controls inbuilt for easy access. The car also features a keyless start stop button which is usually unheard of in this price point

Where is it made in?

This might be an important answer to you if you are looking for reliability and exclusivity. Sources has told us that it is made in turkey but this might be subjected to change especially if this model is going to be catered for the south east Asia market.

The car will be available in Singapore end 2016 to early 2017 and we will definitely be getting our hands on a few pieces for a few lucky individuals. if you would like to know exactly when and where you can purchase the car, be sure to sign up with our mailing list so we can contact you!

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